Resources for Children


The website thinkuknow.co.uk is a great way for children to find out how to use the internet safely. The links below will take you to different parts of the website for different ages.

5-7 year olds

If you are 5, 6 or 7 you probably like to use the computer for fun.

There is a great website called Thinkuknow to help you go on the internet in a safe way and know who to talk to if you are worried.

You can also find out about Lee & Kim's adventures or watch Hector and his friends learning to use computers safely!

8-10 year olds

If you’re between 8 and 10, you probably know a lot about using the internet.

On the Thinkuknow website there is an area to show you what is good on the internet, look at what’s not and show you ways you can get yourself out of bad situations. There is also a a cool cyber café for you to visit where you can help Jason, Sunil, Ali and others to stay safe using new technology.

 Take a quiz

Why not take the Connect With Respect Quiz to find out how well you Connect with Respect and then challenge your family and friends to beat your score? Don’t worry if there’s room for improvement. They have created some handy tips to help you on your way.