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Hello from Nursery! We always have such fun in Nursery and feel so grown-up leaving our grown-ups for the first time.  Our teachers look after us and make sure we have plenty of time for playful learning and fun!  We also have snack time which is a great time for trying new tastes and sometimes we make our own snack like pancakes, toast, cheese and crackers … even Chinese stir fry and curry!

Every session we find our names to self-register and then choose a Special Person to count how many are in the classroom and give out the cups at snack time.  Then we play!  We enjoy sand and water, playing in our role play areas, building, doing puzzles and riding on our toys outside. Sometimes we do small group activities with a grown up.

We have also been exploring our garden and enjoy looking for bugs, digging in the sand and riding on the bikes.

We enjoy listening to stories and join in with Nursery Rhymes as well as singing songs and action rhymes. 

We love our time in the Nursery, spending time with our friends and learning new things.

What we've been doing:

11th January 2017

We had a visit from Dani the vet on Wednesday! She bought a stick insect with her and we loved holding it and looking at it closely. She talked to us about xrays and how to look after our pets. Miss Halliday's puppy also came to visit!

Look out for the photos on the large screens in the school next week.

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