In kS1 we love THE BIG NUMBERS SONG. It helps us to learn the numbers to 100 (and beyond too!)

Games specially chosen by our KS2 ICT Wizards: 

Our ICT Wizards have been working hard to find games that will support their peers with their learning at home. We hope you enjoy! 

Chosen by Danny and Reece and Lilly and Amelia(year 4) Try this simple mental addition game for younger children:

Chosen by Ethan and Josh (year 4) "This game is called Maths Man. We think it is really good because it’s like pac man and it helps you practise your mental maths."

Chosen by Lois and Clara (year 6) "Fun way to learn to tell the time on an analogue clock. Good for children in all years of primary school." 

If you want to practise your mathematics skills at home, try Mathletics! Your teacher has a password for you to take away and use at your leisure.