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10th March 2017

Chitra's Storytelling Talents!

Chitra Soundar came to visit our school on the Friday of World Book Week. As we found out in her assembly at the end of the day, she was born and grew up in India, where her life was filled with storytelling! 


She started her day with our Reception classes. She soon got them moving to the stories she told! “She told us good stories.” (Mason) “I liked her playing the drums.” (Archie) “Her books were funny.” (Otis)


When KS1 visited her, two stories were told: “Farmer Falgu goes to Market”, and “Pattan’s Pumpkin: An Indian Flood Story.”

“I really liked the bit where the bull stepped in a hole. It was very funny” (Harvie)

“She read some amazing stories to us ” (Inaya)

“It was funny when she said ‘ey ey ey ey ooo!’” (Leah)

“There was some problem solving in the books and I liked that.” (Honey)

“I know how to make an Indian omelette now!” (Elena)


All the KS2 pupils had a story telling workshop. Chitra made the point that in order to be a storyteller, you needed to have a story to tell and a listening audience! Chitra talked about voice projection and how, as a story teller, you need to make your voice go up and down to make it sound interesting. (A monotone voice will be boring and send you to sleep!) She then divided everyone into small groups and challenged them to create a story out of 6 sentences. Sentence 1: “Once upon a time there was…” She gave them 15 minutes to create their sentences. 

Then the performances began!

“I enjoyed listening to the stories children made up.”

“You can make a good story with only 6 sentences!”

“I enjoyed acting the stories our and learned that it doesn’t matter what it’s about.”

“I learned that you need to use different voices when telling a story”

She finally told her life story at the afternoon assembly; here she is as a baby! And here was the reaction to the photograph!

“I enjoyed learning about her life in the assembly”

At the end of the day, Chitra moved to the library to sign copies of her books for the children. Thank you, Chitra, for a lovely end to World Book Week!