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At Peasedown St John Primary School, we are committed to ensuring that:

  • Pupils are identified and assessed as early as possible as having SEND.
  • The needs of all pupils who have SEND are addressed.
  • Pupils with SEND receive the greatest possible access to a broad and balanced education.
  • We address the needs of pupils with SEND, taking into account the wishes of their parents.
  • Pupils with SEND are taught alongside their peers.
  • Pupils with SEND are set high expectations, with clear targets.
  • Pupils with SEND have access to all areas of the curriculum.

The School SENCO (Jenny Tombs) keeps a record of all the pupils who have additional needs. The list of these pupils is known as the SEND Register. We are required to report to the Local Authority every six months on the numbers of pupils with SEND and the type of need that each pupil has.  We review pupils with SEND every term and adjust provision and support as needed. We follow the ASSESS-PLAN-DO-REVIEW model to ensure that all support put in place is effective and that pupils' needs are being met.

Stages on the SEN Register

SEN Support: From 1st September 2014, 'SEN Support' has replaced the previous stages of 'School Action' and 'School Action Plus'. All children with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities have an SEND Support Plan (see below). 

Statement of SEN/ EHC Plan: this is a statutory document which sets out a child’s special educational needs and the provision that must be made to address those needs. Only a small minority of children with highly complex needs will meet the criteria as set out by the Local Authority Statutory assessment Panel.  The Local Authority usually provides funding to the school so that we can provide the level of support as identified in the Statement. From 1st September 2014, all Statements of SEN will be replaced with Education, Health Care Plans by the Local Authority over a three year period. 

SEN Support Plans

All pupils with SEND have an SEND Support Plan. These have replaced Pupil Inclusion Plans (PIP) and Target Action Plans (TAP). The SEND Support Plan consists of a One Page Profile, a Target Plan and any other plans in place for the individual pupil. A blank copy of the SEND Support Plan can be found below.   

External Agencies

At Peasedown St John Primary School we work with a variety of external agenices, to ensure that children receive the right level of support. 

We employ a speech and langauge therapist through the Speech and Language Inclusion Service (SLIP). Our therapist is Claire Campbell and she is in our school every Wednesday and Thursday morning. She has a variety of roles, including working directly with pupils, delivering staff training, helping to set IEP targets, observing pupils in class, meeting with parents and writing pupil reports. 

We can also refer pupils to other external agencies, such as Educational Psychologists, Paediatricans, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS), the Sensory Support Team and the School Nursing Team. 

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'The progress of pupils with special educational needs and those supported by the pupil premium is very good.'

Ofsted Inspection 2012

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