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All about Geography, History, RE, Environmental Education and Forest School,  Green Team and Multicultural Education


If you could meet someone from the past who would it be and why? I wonder what it was like to live in the past?!

Our school provides opportunities for children to really immerse themselves in the past. Acquiring new facts and skills, through role play, research and whole school 'History days'. Learning is led by children in topics through 'big idea' sessions and open ended homework. Children are given opportunities to use a variety of sources to support their understanding including, books, artefacts, internet and where possible primary sources.

Children will have the opportunity as they begin their Historical journey to explore their own past and then as they move through school, each year group focuses on different time periods, such as the Romans, Egyptians and even the groovy Greeks to keep the learning interesting and enjoyable!

History Curriculum Overview

Religious Education

In our Religious Education lessons, we learn all about religions and beliefs and reflect on “big” questions and issues in our own lives. We study a range of religions and philosophies, including Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Islam and Buddhism. Through first-hand experiences of visiting places of worship, meeting people from different faith groups and exploring religious artefacts, we develop an understanding of, and tolerance for, religious beliefs and practices. Across the school, we enjoy celebrating together at Harvest, Christmas and Easter time. We also explore different festivals and celebrations such as Diwali, Hanukkah and Ramadan in class. We enjoy our lessons because we have lots of opportunities to talk about, and make sense of, important issues like identity, diversity, belonging and values.

RE Curriculum Overview

Radstock Museum Victorian classroom experience!

Geography Curriculum Overview

Environmental Education and Forest School

Fancy Gardening, growing flowers and vegetables? Designing and making a scarecrow? Being a bug hunter? Building dens? Eating marshmallows around a camp fire? Learning in the outside classroom? Through using our outdoor environment our school opens children's eyes to adventure and the natural world. Pupils have the opportunity to gain a wide range of social and academic skills. Being outside helps to develop everyones physical well-being and builds confidence.

Green Team

Would you like to be in Green Team? Hopeful pupils fill out an application each September. A class representitive is chosen after interviews by Pupil Voice. Green Team members are ambassadors for reducing, reusing and recycling waste in our school. They run assemblies, competitions, carry out jobs and award the "eco frog" award for the most environmentally friendly class.

Multicultural Education

Multicultural Education is about developing an awareness and respect for the different cultures and beliefs of others, within our own country and the wider world. In the school we enjoy learning about different cultures through other subjects and topics through tasting food, role play in different clothes, looking at maps and information books about different ways of life. We learn attitudes of respect and tolerance. We also have links with schools in other parts of the country and the wider world and communicate with them during the year.