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Mathematics teaches us how to make sense of the world around us. Through our Irresistible Curriculum, we aim to develop a child’s ability to calculate, reason and solve problems in a fun and engaging environment. Children take part in exciting lessons, enabling them to develop their understanding of mathematics, noticing patterns and relationships in both number and shape. Pupils have the opportunity to build strong foundations and develop key skills. We aim to foster children’s confidence and sense of achievement while helping them to understand the relevance of this core subject in today’s ever changing world.

“Mathematics contains not only truth, but also beauty.”

Bertrand Russell.

“Arithmetic is being able to count to twenty without taking off your shoes.”

Mickey Mouse.

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National Curriculum In Mathematics

Y1 Maths Curriculum

Y2 Maths Curriculum

Y3 Maths Curriculum

Y4 Maths Curriculum

Y5 Maths Curriculum

Y6 Maths Curriculum

Progression of Skills - Addition

Progression of Skills - Subtraction

Progression of Skills - Multiplication

Progression of Skills - Division

Wider Opportunities in Maths
Wider Opportunities Y5
Maths Week Roman Coins Workshop
Roman Coins Y3