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Design by Sadie, Alex & Elise

Design by Sadie, Alex & Elise


Fancy being a treasure hunter, photographer, detective or publisher? Using a wide range of computer equipment including green screens, microphones and video cameras, we are able to explore the world through a range of exciting and engaging contexts. Our irresistible and cross curricular approach to Computing allows us to develop key transferable skills while ensuring learning is captivating and accessible for all. Through topic linked work, we thoroughly enjoy exploring new tools and investigating new programs to help us to design our own 3D museums to house our photographs; create short animations, retelling a story and prepare a video using linked images and our own voice over to support our Literacy work. In Peasedown St John, Computing is a creative and exploratory subject, one where we can learn new skills and apply them through a range of inspiring contexts.

Computing Curriculum Overview

Year One cutting skills.

Year One cutting skills.

Design Technology

Ever flown on an aeroplane and wondered how it is designed and built? Want to know how to make a photo frame? Then Design Technology is for you!

Using the design process we are able to investigate products, disassemble them and understand how they work. We are then able to use this knowledge to practise new skills. Having mastered these skills we are then ready to design. From photo frames and wheeled vehicles to a healthy sandwich we are always learning and applying new design technology skills.

Through topic linked work, we thoroughly enjoy exploring new tools and investigating new ideas and skills. Design Technology is a practical subject in which all pupils get the opportunity to develop their own thoughts and ideas. Children make their own choices for open ended homework and often will choose to use their design technology skills to demonstrate their learning.

DT Curriculum Overview

Science display

Science display


Science is concerned with the development of knowledge and understanding of the biological and physical aspects of the world. Scientific activity is the process through which such knowledge and understanding are developed. For our children, as for scientists, science involves testing, changing or confirming ideas about how things are and how they work.

Teachers work hard to plan lessons that ensure that learning activities promote curiosity and enjoyment, so that pupils develop a lasting interest in science. This might involve the outdoor classroom, physical resources and real-life situations.

Science Curriculum Overview