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The Arts and Music are at the heart of our school!
We love to create, sing and perform.

In our School, creativity and the arts are seen as the key to great learning.

Pupils experience a range of art, music and drama throughout their time in school.

They have the opportunity to take part in a range of extra- curricular clubs including: choir, orchestra, art clubs, drama workshops and shows. Over 100 pupils learn musical instruments that range from recorders to trombones. They perform in the community and in area competitions.

Pupils are encouraged to access local arts events which are publicized on the resources pages of our website.

Music Curriculum Overview

Art and Design

In Art and Design lessons, the children are encouraged to use a wide range of media including watercolour paints, pastels, sketching pencils, chalks, clay, printing tools, inks, charcoal and collage.

Through the study of a variety of famous artists, children are able to produce work in the style of others as well as developing their own style and techniques.

We always have a range of children's artwork on display in classrooms and around the school.

Art Curriculum Overview