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Friendship Friday

Friendship Friday

Personal, Social, Health and Education (PSHE) and Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL)

It’s good to be you! This is the important message we communicate to children during PSHE and SEAL. Emotional wellbeing is an essential element in a child’s development and PSHE allows for children to take part in group discussions, circle times, role play, problem solving and reflective moments to develop themselves as individuals and as members of their communities. Keeping safe and healthy are important topics within these sessions and encourage children to lead successful lives in every sense. Throughout the year we cover the topics of; ‘New Beginnings’, ‘Challenging Choices’, ‘Mindful Money’, ‘Being your best’, and ‘Good to be Me’. Irresistible opportunities are given to the children to show they can take responsibility for themselves and the environment in which they live.

PSHE Curriculum Overview

Our Netball Team

Our Netball Team

Physical Education (PE)

PE is a huge part of Peasedown St John school life. Our aim is to give the children as many opportunities as possible to develop a range of skills and confidence across a wide range of sports and activities including dance, gym, dance, games and outdoor pursuits. As well as high quality teaching from the PSJ teachers, we have our fantastic specialist Writhilington PE coaches who teach most of the classes at least 1 hour a week. Some year groups also receive a specialist K2CC coach delivering their selected sport to the children including Tennis, Multi Skills and Netball.

Peasedown St John also offers a huge range of clubs for children of all ages. These include clubs run by the teachers and specialist coaches. This year children have enjoyed clubs such as: Judo,Tae Kwando, Football, Cricket,Tag Rugby and Dance, to name but a few!

Our school is also part of the MSN Games Association who organise a wide range of tournaments, festivals and competitions across the county at a range of venues. Our Year 6 football team are part of a league who play 8 other schools across the academic year. We have also taken part in several other sports including: Dance Umbrella KS1 and KS2, Swimming Gala, Mini Tennis, Tag to Twickenham, Cross Country, Athletics, Gymnastics, Hockey, Netball, Kwik Cricket and Rounder’s. For more details please feel free to visit the school competition Westsport website.

We also encourage the children to take part in non-competitive festivals for the children to just participate and enjoy. These include tag rugby, multi skills and mini tennis.

PE Curriculum Overview

Healthy Schools

Healthy Schools is one of the key themes in our Irresistible Curriculum; teachers are able to plan activities across the whole school year that foster and develop opportunities for pupils to make healthy choices. This could be through farm visits to learn about where food comes from to lunch box workshops, where parents have been invited to attend. Along with whole school events such as “The Big Pedal” and “The Big Breakfast”, we also have a “Healthy Living Week”, which usually takes place in the autumn term. This enables teachers to dedicate a whole week of teaching time to healthy living, based upon ideas taken directly from our pupils.

At Peasedown St John Primary School we are committed to providing our pupils with the opportunity to make informed and sensible choices when it comes to Healthy Living. In the past few years we have developed our dining and playtime experiences and have achieved both the Healthy Schools Certificate and Bronze Award from ‘Food for Life’.

Cooking Workshop