Our School


Our school is a good school with many outstanding features. 

Ofsted Inspections over time show the consistently high quality of Peasedown St John School. In our most recent inspection (December 2012) inspectors noted:

  • “The behaviour and safety of pupils are outstanding”. “Pupils at Peasedown St John enjoy coming to school. They attend regularly and have exemplary attitudes to learning”.
  • “Pupils’ behaviour is impeccable. There is a shared sense of pride with everyone pulling together to be the best they can”.
  • “Pupils are polite and well mannered”.
  •  “Pupils thrive on taking responsibility and are strongly committed to making a contribution to the quality of life in school”.
  • “Parents believe their children are happy, safe and well looked after. Pupils agree”. 
  • “Pupils are exceptionally supportive of one another and take pleasure in one another’s success”.  
  • “The leadership and management are outstanding”. “The school has two co-headteachers. One works part time and is responsible for the strategic direction of the school. The other works full time and has the day-to-day responsibility for running the school”.
  • “The governing body wants the school to be ‘The first choice for the community and at the heart of that community’, and pupils say that the school is all about ‘Achieving Excellence for ourselves and others’. High ambition to do the best for all pupils is uncompromising and ripples through this school”.
  • “Leaders at all levels expect nothing less than the best teaching. They check the quality of teaching regularly by looking at how well pupils are learning”.
  • “The school continuously looks for ways to work with parents and carers, who appreciate getting involved in the many opportunities on offer”. 
  • “Pupils are very well prepared to move on to the next stage in their education. The ‘Irresistible Curriculum’ is the school’s innovative and highly effective approach to teaching different subjects. It gives pupils the skills they need to become lifelong independent learners. It helps them develop excellent social skills and gives them rich, meaningful and enjoyable cultural experiences”. 
  • “Teaching is good overall; some is outstanding”. “Parents and carers agree with inspectors that their children are taught well”. 
  • “Lessons build well on pupils’ existing knowledge.” Teachers’ questions challenge pupils to think deeply and check they understand what they are learning.” 
  • “During the inspection, pupils made good progress in the very large majority of lessons observed and outstanding progress in some lessons”. 
  • “The development of pupils’ reading skills is a strength of the school. Results for year 2 and year 6 (are) very high”. 


If you would like to know more about our school you are welcome to visit.  Our Headteacher will be pleased to show you around, to talk with you about the school and to answer any questions. We see this as the first opportunity to establish the strong home-school partnership that supports success for each pupil. Please telephone the school office 01761 432311 for an appointment. 


Pupil achievement, as measured by SATs scores over the last few years, shows that children in our school consistently achieve within the top quartile and often in the top 10% nationally. Our most recent results can be found below:


2016 End of Year Results Provisional

For full details of our results, as published in the government performance tables, follow the link below & select required year. Any queries?  Please contact our school.



Our School Day

Clubs and Extra Curricular Activities

Our school enjoys excellent facilities such as the full size, well equipped hall, Library and Computer suite, laptops, a class set of ipads, garden, conservation area and large grounds. We make maximum use of these facilities in providing a full range of after school clubs.

These activities may include: Computer Club, School Magazine Club (Press Gang), Book Club, Art and Craft Club, Football, Tennis, Rugby, Cricket, Netball, Hockey, Drama, Dance, French, German, Gymnastics, Orchestra, Choir, Blues band, Conservation Club, Recorders,  Science Club. For a full list of current clubs please contact the school.

Clubs are run by specialist coaches and by our own staff. For specialist coaching a small charge is made. Please see the Policies section for more details on charges.

Educational visits

Many visits are arranged to give real life contexts for pupils' learning. We also organise a very wide range of visitors to our school, such as musical events, theatre groups, authors and experts in various fields. For some activities a charge is made.

Our Home School Agreement


Our Behaviour Policy


School Uniform

The children at Peasedown St John Primary School believe wearing the correct school uniform is an important part of school life. The School Council, who are the elected members of Pupil Voice and represent the pupils within our school community, have discussed the importance of school uniform. The pupils in our school believe that wearing the correct uniform;

  • gives you a feeling of pride in our school,
  • builds a strong team spirit and a sense of belonging,
  • shows we have expectations in everything we do – everything matters
  • helps us feel that the school is a place for learning,
  • speeds up getting ready in the morning -  (no difficult what not to wear choices!)
  • lets the public know who we are when we are showing outstanding behaviour on trips,
  • helps you stay safe – if you get lost on a trip people will know where you are from,

Our uniform has been deliberately chosen to be easily available and cost effective. Our office has supplies of the main items of school uniform, other items can be obtained locally.  PSA hold regular second hand uniform sales which may also be an aid.   Wearing full school uniform is a requirement of the governors for all pupils. All children are expected to wear a school uniform and this requirement forms part of the home school agreement.  Also as a reminder, a letter will be sent to parents whenever a pupil is not in school uniform.    

School Sweatshirt/Fleece/Cardigan with School Logo
Dark Grey/Dark Blue/Black Trousers/Skirt
(or Blue Jogging Bottoms for Nursery and Reception Classes)
Blue Checked Pinafore Dress
White Shirt
Black Sensible Shoes (No trainers, fashion shoes or boots please)
Blue School Book Bag

For PE:
School PE Shirt or Plain White T-Shirt (no football kits please)
Dark Blue Shorts
Daps or Trainers (non-marking soles)
Dap Bag

For Swimming:                             For Art and DT:
Trunks or Costume                          Apron or Old Shirt

Key Stage 2 children will also need the following items:
Pencil Case, Pencil, Handwriting Pen of flowing ink (not biro), Ruler, Rubber, Sharpener and Coloured Pencils


Views of Parents

Ofsted Reports