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A strong and positive partnership between home and school provides the most secure basis for each child’s educational development.  Homework is one of the many ways in which strong links between home and school can be fostered.  It enables parents to help their children to learn and children to see parents and teachers working together.  

The purpose of homework:

- To reinforce learning at school

- To apply skills in real life situations

- To promote independent learning

- To prepare students for Secondary School

- To prepare for the next stages of learning

- To involve parents in their children’s learning

- To practise key skills that are taught in school e.g. reading etc.

- To provide time for extended activities

Homework is set in accordance with Year Group arrangements for homework

- Pupils will be provided with homework books where appropriate

- To support home reading, pupils are provided with a home/school reading record.

- The home/school reading record is a tool for pupils and parents to keep a record of reading practice that goes on at home.  Teachers teach reading in school; pupils, with the support of parents, practise reading at home.

- Our older, independent readers in KS2 should be recording themselves, their regular reading practice and some may even be writing reviews on what they have read.

- Our younger children will need support from an adult at home to record their regular reading.  This is not a teacher's record of when pupils are heard reading.  Each teacher has their own ‘in house’ records for this as they always need to be in school and available.  Parents should not be concerned if a teacher is not regularly writing in the home school reading record as this is not where teachers keep their records.  The home school reading record can also be used for informal communications between parents and teachers.

Homework will be linked to learning in school. Homework activities are valued and referred to in the following ways:

- Used in subsequent lessons

- Shared in lessons with other pupils

- And on occasion, when appropriate marked*

* The majority of homework will not require marking as our school believes that teacher time is best used for preparation, teaching and the marking of work done in school.  Homework provides the practice which can be valued without marking.  Homework is not used for assessment purposes (the main purposes of marking).