A strong home-school partnership supports your child in being happy and confident in school and achieving well. Our school enjoys very strong partnerships with parents.


Parents have high expectations of our school - and rightly so.  We also value the role parents have in supporting what we do, so please take time to find out more about being a parent at Peasedown St John Primary School.  Here are some key messages:

  • Prepare your child for school: the children that flourish at PSJ Primary are those with excellent parental support.  Good bedtime routines, healthy diet, lots of exercise, lots of reading books together, conversation at mealtimes, limited screen-time all help.  Talking positively about school, teachers and education - building trust - is crucial.  Smart uniform and puncuality help children to value their time in school and make the most of each day with us.
  • Talk to us:  our staff are very friendly and approachable. Parents want to know how their child is getting on and want to know who to talk to if they have concerns. Your child's class teacher is your first port of call and the best time to catch them is after school, but we can always phone you if that isn't convenient.  We also have guidance for how to raise a concern if you're not sure who to talk to.
  • Get involved: our school isn't just about children and staff.  We love our parents to be involved, to come in and see celebrate achievements, to attend assemblies, performances and Parent School Association events.  Why not volunteer to help with children's reading or cooking, or accompany them to swimming?  If you can spare some time, we would love you to be involved.