Pupil Wellbeing

Being a caring school

Children have high esteem and feel safe in school.  This goal is both an end in itself and a means to the fulfilment of our other goals.  Our school does all in its power to promote the well-being of pupils and staff.  Children feel valued as individuals and valued for their contributions.  They also feel safe from any form of abuse or bullying and know clearly who to turn to for support if needed.   We believe that children with high self esteem are likely to perform better across the curriculum and to achieve higher levels of attainment.

Personal Development

The school provides opportunities, models and guidance in:
- Taking responsibility
- Showing initiative
- Forming constructive relationships with one another, with teachers and other adults
- Reflecting and understanding the impact on others of what they do

Our Golden Rules

-Treat others as you would like them to treat you
-Always do your best and help others to do the same
-Care for your own and other peoples’ property and take care of our school


"The behaviour and safety of pupils are outstanding”. “Pupils at Peasedown St John enjoy coming to school. They attend regularly and have exemplary attitudes to learning”. “Pupils’ behaviour is impeccable. There is a shared sense of pride with everyone pulling together to be the best they can”.“Pupils are polite and well mannered”. – Ofsted

Our behaviour policy aims to ensure a calm, purposeful and secure environment in which teachers can teach effectively and children can enjoy and achieve. We foster caring attitudes and achievements at all levels are valued. Our systems are consistent throughout the school and the support and involvement of parents is a vital part of our approach. Peasedown St. John Primary creates an atmosphere free from oppressive behaviour such as bullying, sexism or racism. See our full policy on behaviour generally and specifically at Foundation Stage.


Pupils in our school show respect for other people’s feelings, views, values, beliefs and property.  We guarantee equality of opportunity, celebrate individual success and focus on positive self images.   We all share a care and respect for the school environment.

School Nurse

This school has a school nurse employed by Sirona Care and Health. Support and advice is offered to school-age children and their families for a variety of health related concerns.  Anyone can ask to see the school nurse – children, young people, or their parents/carers.  For more information, contact details or to download a copy of the service leaflet go to

The school office can tell you the name of our current school nurse and how to contact her.

Partnership with the wider community

We ensure good channels of communication between children, staff, parents, governors and all with an interest in our school.   We have close liaison with partner schools, support agencies and the local education authority.   We enjoy close links with the wider community.